Excerpts from 

Lizzy AlBright and

The Attic Window


“You can hang your cloaks there,” Igree said, pointing to a coat

rack. “Princess, have a seat wherever you like and rest your legs.”

Lizzy chose an overstuffed arm chair because it looked as if it had

the softest cushion.


“Tea first,” said Igree, and he hopped away into another room.

“Igree is known for his hospitality. You won’t want for anything

while you are here,” said Gretta.

The parlor was spacious. The walls were made of plaster and big

wooden support beams were exposed in several places. The ceiling was

vaulted. Large rugs with beautiful woven patterns adorned the highly

polished wooden floor. Lizzy noticed that most of the furnishings in

Igree’s house appeared to be very old.

In a flash, Igree popped back into the parlor pushing a tea tray.

The spout on the kettle was whistling and steaming. Lizzy was

surprised that he was back so quickly. She was certain there hadn’t

been enough time for him to boil water.

Igree had his own ritual for brewing and serving tea. He prepared

the cups, spooned loose tea into a strainer, lowered the strainer

into the kettle of hot water, rang a bell, and then tapped the spoon

on the side of a cup while waiting for the tea to brew. Igree amused

Lizzy. McDoogle, who had never had tea in his life, curiously sniffed

the air. At first he wasn’t sure he was interested in having tea, but

then he decided to at least give it a try.

“Everyone, drink. I’ll have my own cup soon enough. Food, food,

food…that’s what we need.”




Gretta stood up and motioned for Lizzy to follow. She went over

to the old portrait that Lizzy had studied the night before.

“This was taken many years ago when Igree was the high mage.”

“Igree was the high mage?”

“Indeed he was,” replied Gretta. “Igree was a wonderful high mage.

He was high mage longer than anyone in the history of the kingdom.

These are officers who were once on his council.”

Lizzy puzzled, “The bear and the raven are mages too?”

“Not only mages, but master mages, and they were loved and

respected by everyone in the kingdom. Igree is the only one in this

picture who is still with us. The others have transitioned to the celestial

realm. Igree won’t tell you, but…” Gretta leaned into Lizzy and

whispered, “he’s the most powerful wizard in all of Ailear.”

Lizzy’s eyes got big and her jaw dropped. “You’re a wizard?”

Igree shrugged, blew her a kiss, then snapped his fingers. A rainbow

of sparkling stars began floating down over her, which made her laugh.

“The bear is Burton,” Gretta continued. “He served as high mage

after Igree. His son Baron is the high mage now.”

“But he’s a bear. Bears are mean and scary.”

“Maybe where you come from, but Baron? Why, he’s as gentle as

a summer breeze. I think you will like him a lot.”

Lizzy wasn’t convinced. Bears had big teeth, big paws, and big

claws, but since so many things were different here, she decided to wait

and see for herself.

“Who’s the woman?” asked Lizzy.

“That’s Gorva. She was a gifted healer…but she was also a wonderful

mage. She eventually chose medicine over magic and ran an apothecary

called the Hyssop and Sage. It’s still there, but it has new owners.

Most people say she lived to be over one-hundred years old. She was

working in her shop on the day that she died.”

Lizzy studied Gorva’s long, silver hair and once again admired the

pendant she was wearing.

Gretta drew Lizzy’s attention to the raven. “That’s Ravol. He was

migh mage after Burton and served for twenty-two years.”

Gretta knew this was a sensitive matter. For the sake of both Lizzy

and Igree, she didn’t say any more. Lizzy didn’t need to know how

Ravol had died—at least not yet.

“And who’s the man with the beard?”

“That’s Cedric,” replied Igree. “He was one of the most brilliant

master mages in the history of the kingdom.


Lizzy Albright

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