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The Lizzy Albright

Quilt Pattern

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Includes 42 block patterns and instructions for borders.

   • Find inspirational colorways and learn 5 fun techniques.

   • Quilting designs and photo inspirations.

   • Complex blocks made easy

   • 128 full-color pages

   • A quilt that connects generations.

Sample Pattern Page

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Pulling his wand from his coat pocket, Gethric pointed it toward Cedric’s motorbie, and said, “Calliope! Alamah!” Gethric’s spell forced air through Cedric’s ooga horn and it suddenly began playing “The Pickle Dish” reel. The ooga’s wheezing honk made the tune sound as if it were being performed by an asthmatic duck playing a kazoot, which made them roar with laughter.

—From Lizzy Albright and the Attic Window, Chapter 10

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