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The Lizzy Albright

Fabric Collection

Designed by Ricky Tims for Benartex

Available here and at all participating quilt shops.

Because Lizzy’s granny made this quilt in 1930, it was imperative that the fabrics in the quilt had a vintage appearance. Ricky designed each fabric in the Attic Window and Cedar Chest collections based motifs and patterns found on fabrics in my antique quilt collection. None of these fabrics are reproductions, but they do represent the typical designs and colors of that time period.


The collection has been printed and produced by Benartex. Kits are available.


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She surveyed the quilt and noticed all the different fabrics. There were plaids, checkerboards, and dots. One fabric had maraschino cherries on it, which made her think of the cherry that Doug stole from her

banana split earlier that afternoon. Another design had little sunbursts splashed around on a dotted background. A fabric with small tilted squares reminded her of Allen’s pajamas. She giggled when she found the singing roosters and shrieked with delight when she saw the fabric with the Scottish terrier puppies. The puppies were frolicking around on boxes that had stars painted

on their sides.

“McDoo! You’re in the quilt!” McDoogle looked at Lizzy, wagged his tail, and gruffed.

From Lizzy Albright and the Attic Window, Chapter 6

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