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Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Updated - July 17, 2020

The original concept outlined in the previous blog post was to create a story book that might inspire children to want to quilt and sew with their quilting mothers, grandmothers, aunts, etc. That concept has not changed. The novel has been written with a multi-generational audience in mind, not unlike other fantasy novels with broad appeal. The quilt is the first spinoff from the book. As of this post, it has not been revealed, but is scheduled to be shown on numerous social media outlets in May, 2020.

Update: See the quilt

The Lizzy Albright 1930 Sampler quilt patten book is at the printer and will release on August 25th, 2020.

Update: See the pattern book.

Ricky Tims designed Depression Era fabrics for Benartex, so that those who want to make the most authentic version of the Lizzy Albright quilt, they can purchase the kit of fabrics—the fabrics actually described in the book. Here’s a short section describing the fabrics, and below are three of the 36 fabrics as well as three small digital samples of blocks from the quilt.

Update: See the fabrics and Get the kit

Scroll down for more ideas about the future offerings for Lizzy Albright

From Lizzy Albright and the Attic Window, Chapter Seven:

She surveyed the quilt and noticed all the different fabrics. There were plaids and checkerboards and dots. One fabric had maraschino cherries on it, which made her think of the cherry that Doug stole from her banana split earlier that afternoon. Another design had little sunbursts splashed around on a dotted background. A fabric with small tilted squares reminded her of Allen’s pajamas. She giggled when she found the singing roosters and shrieked with delight when she saw the fabric with the Scottish terrier puppies. The puppies were frolicking around on boxes that had stars painted on their sides.

“McDoo! You’re in the quilt!” McDoogle looked at Lizzy, wagged his tail, and gruffed.

Here’s the whole enchilada as we see it for now:

• The fantasy-adventure chapter novel (young adult/adult) • The eBook of the same • A line of vintage fabric with Benartex • A pattern book to make the Lizzy Albright Quilt c.1929 • Kits to make the Lizzy Albright Quilt c. 1929 • The audiobook of the novel • An illustrated children's book • Sewing/Quilting Curriculum for Youngsters • Lizzy Albright inspired Music CD • Coloring books - both kids and adults • CosPLay - Patterns for Lizzy Albright inspired costumes • Threads - Scissors - Notions • Novelty items - (snow globes, music boxes) • Sequels like, Lizzy Albright and the Storm at Sea • More lines of Lizzy Albright related fabric • Wish us luck... a movie?

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